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Ford gives Mustang a more muscular look for 2010


Ford’s 2010 Mustang, announced in America this morning, is lower and appears wider than the 2009 model and has strongly-defined wheelarches

It retains a retro-style resemblance to its immediate predecessors which were based on the 1969 fastback, and is being sold in variants ranging from a V6 to the GT500 V8.

There had been speculation earlier that Ford would drop the V8, replacing it with a supercharged V6.

Lower front splitters add to the 2010 Mustang’s sporty looks but also perform aerodynamically, improving fuel economy, downforce and overall performance. 

Mustang design manager, George Saridakis, says the new Mustang has an athletic, sinewy design “(that looks) as if the sheetmetal has been shrink-wrapped like a skin suit around the muscles and skeleton of the car’s understructure.”

The pony badge is larger and more chiselled, and sits in the upper grille. 

“Everything we tried to do with this car’s new exterior design is represented in the new pony,” says chief designer, Doug Gaffka.  “It tells the whole story. It’s athletic, aggressive and modern.”

Gaffka says the design team aimed to make each model appear even more sculpted than its predecessor. 

Mustangs now have larger grille openings flanked by slimmer headlights that incorporate turn indicators. 

Another echo of traditional Mustang design is the tri-bar taillights. Three individual red chambers, each lit sequentially by a single Luxion LED, are separated by two clear vertical elements. Each chamber lights up sequentially.

Gaffka calls the 2010 Mustang “the tightest, most premium racehorse we’ve ever done.  And it begs to be driven – hard.”


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