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Ferrari developing car that reads minds


Ferrari has reportedly filed a patent application for technology that will be bale to monitor a driver's mental and physical state, and then adjust the vehicle dynamics accordingly

British Autocar magazine says the in-car technology will monitor a driver’s mental and physical state and adjust the car’s stability and traction control systems to help avoid accidents.

Want to know how it works?

“The biometric sensors may comprise a piezoelectric measuring device for measuring the driver’s respiration, a device for measuring the driver’s blood pressure and heart rate, a television camera for monitoring the driver’s eyes (blink rate) to determine the driver’s alertness, a device for monitoring the electric activity of the driver’s brain, a device for recording the driver’s surface temperature and a device for recording the conductivity of the driver’s skin (to determine the degree of perspiration).”

Autocar predicts the sensors will be located in the cabin ceiling , dashboard, steering wheel and driver's seat area.

The application is based on improving driver safety but could also be used to sharpen a car’s dynamics to better satisfy a more alert driver.

So, not only will a car fitted with this technology be able to help a driver that is tired or prone to making mistakes behind the wheel by increasing the amount of electronic assistance at their disposal, but also enhance the performance of the car for those who exhibit more proficient driving skills.

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