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Ferrari defies sales decline


New Zealanders join the waiting list for new California

The 2008 Australian International Motor Show was an outstanding sales success for Ferrari, with the legendary Italian supercar company receiving nearly 200 orders for the car that made its debut at the show, the Ferrari California.

“The 2008 Australian International Motor Show has exceeded all our sales expectations and set new Ferrari motor show sales records in Australia,” says Neville Crichton, Governing Director of Australian and New Zealand Ferrari importer, EAI.

“We were already in a strong position prior to the show, but the launch of the new California, combined with a fabulous display of the full Ferrari range on our motor show stand, has enabled us to lift our sales beyond our hopes even before the economic crisis.”

Ferrari opened the show with 150 orders for the new California from Australia and New Zealand and after a week of the show, that figure is now approaching 200, from both sales at the show and demand across Australia and New Zealand following its Sydney debut. This equates to an 18-month waiting list for a car which will not have its first Australian delivery until mid-2009.

“Ferrari’s ability to ignore market sentiment is, in no doubt,” explains Crichton, “due to the remarkable abilities of its cars and the intense passion that Ferrari engenders, something that has been very much in evidence at the Sydney motor show!”

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