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Drive safe this Labour Weekend


Take a closer look at the roads you are driving on is the message the AA would like drivers to hear this Labour Weekend.

“There is a big difference between driving on a divided multi-lane motorway or a narrow rural road but a lot of people treat them the same,” says AA spokesperson Dylan Thomsen.

A recent AA Research Foundation project found that drivers do not tend to be aware of the added risks if they are travelling on a road with a lot of intersections or driveways, no shoulder space or hazards like power-poles, trees and ditches on the edge of the road.

“Not all roads are created equal and the AA would like every driver to take a closer look at the potential hazards when they are travelling this weekend,” says Mr Thomsen.

“The speed limit might be 100km/h but if you are on a road with vehicles turning on and off it, a ditch running next to it or it’s wet because it’s been raining, you need to take extra care and drive slower.

“Take a look at how much room for error there is if someone makes a mistake. Driving to the conditions is not just about the weather, it’s also about adjusting to the road and traffic around you.”

The AA’s other safety message is for drivers to keep a good following distance.

“There will be lots of traffic on the road which means there is more chance of someone doing something unexpected. Make sure you keep at least two-seconds gap from the car in front of you so you’ve got enough time to react in an emergency.”

Last Labour Weekend three people died and 102 injured in road crashes, with a driver losing control and going too fast for conditions the two most common factors involved in crashes. Have a safe long weekend.

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