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Dodge Viper gets another chance


After offering the Viper brand for sale early this year, Chrysler has announced it will keep the V10 sports car as part of its Dodge range

Chrysler said in a statement that the Viper would be produced “through 2010 and beyond”.

The change of heart for the Viper sale reportedly comes after no satisfactory bids for the sports car division were received.

The Viper’s limited production volume and high price saw it singled out as a product that Chrysler could not afford to hang onto in a post-bankruptcy environment.

The 450kW 8.4 litre V10 engine meant many considered the car not suitable for the restructured Chrysler.

“We’re extremely proud that the ultimate American-built sports car with its world-class performance will live on as the iconic image leader for the Dodge brand,” said Mike Accavitti, President and Chief Executive of Dodge.

Since production began in 1992, around 25,000 Vipers have been built, with the model being sold throughout the United States and Europe.

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