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Dodge abandons Challenger ragtop project


The world economic downturn has reportedly killed off Chrysler Corp's planned pony car convertible.

Dodge has reportedly scrapped plans to build a convertible version of its Challenger pony car in the wake of the automotive industry’s finance and sales crisis.

US reports quote an unnamed Dodge source as saying the ragtop Challenger is "dead as a doornail."

And Chevrolet is understood to have put its Camaro convertible on hold; it was due to debut in mid-2009.

Unlike Dodge, though, Chevy engineered the new Camaro from the outset to be built as either a coupe or convertible. To build a Challenger soft-top, Dodge would have to extensively re-engineer the car, a costly exercise that it can’t afford.

The Dodge and Chevy decisions leave Ford’s Mustang as the only ragtop pony car.

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