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Crashed Aston sold to collector


Piece of Bond memorabilia fished from bottom of a lake, only to be bought for well above retail price

James Bond's Aston Martin DBS was crashed into Lake Gardia, Italy, earlier this year while on its way to the film set.

Now the detroyed car has been snapped up by one avid Bond fan, for the sum of £200,000 (NZ$576,423), well above the new car price of £134,000 (NZ$386,203).

The Aston was being delivered to the set in the early hours of the morning when the driver, an Aston Martin engineer, lost control on the damp roads.

The driver escaped from the crash with only minor injuries, but was knocked unconscious and sank 150 feet to the bottom of the lake before freeing himself and swimming to the surface.

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