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Chinese debut for Porsche four-door


Porsche has chosen the Shanghai motor show in April as the venue for the public debut of its Panamera sedan.

Porsche will debut its Panamera four-door sedan at Auto Shanghai 2009 in China this April, and begin selling it a couple of months later.

The front-engine Panamera combines 911-like styling cues with an extra-low coupe-style silhouette and space for four passengers and “a substantial amount of luggage.”

There will be direct-injection V6 and V8-powered versions with outputs ranging from 300 to 500bhp, but the first cars on the market will have naturally-aspirated and twin turbo V8s.

Gearboxes include six-speed manual or seven-speed double clutch auto shift. V6 and V8 versions will be rear-wheel drive, but the twin turbo V8 will be all-wheel drive.

An added-cost option is the Sports Chrono Package which delivers more sporting and dynamic engine and gearshift characteristics.

Porsche is offering an adaptive air suspension system for the Panamera. It has a wide range of suspension characteristics, from comfort through to extremely sporting. In Sport Plus Mode, the air suspension lowers the car, improving aerodynamic efficiency and lowering the centre of gravity.

Buyers can order, at added cost, the PDCC Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control which actively compensates body roll in bends and improves the car’s responsiveness and smoothness on bumpy roads.

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