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Car that chauffered Hitler up for auction


The famous Fiat Torpedo drove Hitler, Franco and Mussolini as part of the King of Italy's fleet

International Auction House COYS is auctioning the 1939 Fiat Torpedo, which shuttled Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco during the early part of World War II in Rome.

The car then serviced Italian prime ministers until retiring in 1963.

Based on a Fiat 2800, but bodied in a special Drophead Dual Cowl Phaeton style for the Italian military, only 12 of these cars were built. Only half of those still exist today.

“The example that we are offering at our sale ‘The Legende et Passion’ which takes place at the Espace Fontviewille, in Monaco on Monday May 18th is the most famous of them all. We have already had huge interest from clients around the world as well as from a number of collectors in Italy,” said a COYS rep.

While no indication of price has been made, it is expected it could reach into the millions of dollars because of the rarity of the car and historical significance.

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