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Bugatti Veyron crashes into Texan lake


Video: The owner of a Bugatti Veyron was distracted and drove his US$2 million supercar into a lake in Galveston County

What's with crashing supercars into lakes? First there was James Bond's Aston Martin, now this 1001hp Bugatti Veyron has drowned.

According to the local newspaper, the owner of this Veyron was distracted by a low-flying pelican.

"The man jerked the wheel, dropped his cell phone, and the car's front tire left the frontage road and entered a muddy patch, which foiled his attempt to maneuver away from the lagoon."

The Veyron is a two-seater, with 16 cylinders and four turbo chargers, which can reach speeds of more than 400kph. New models sell for about US$2 million.

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