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BREAKING: VW Golf GTI and R Mk8 Power Figures Leaked


Volkswagen's upcoming Golf R will lead the Mk8 range in terms of power with 329hp, followed by 241hp in the new GTI that will arrive later this year.

To be clear, this information is rather speculative as it came from a "leaked internal slide" posted to Instagram, however, the information is in line with the expectations pundits have had since rumors about the new model started. This power figure for the new R model puts it slightly above the current A35 Mercedes-Benz which is likely to be it's closest rival but falls short of dethroning the current power champion A45 AMG. 

While the image is hardly high-definition, we can see a highly-revised front end - particularly on the R model which looks to have taken influence from some of the more high-end exotic models in the VAG group lineup. Hopefully there is some truth to this leak because 245kw in a VW Golf sounds like fun to us!


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