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BMW teases its new 5 Series


Just weeks away from its official debut, we get a peek at the new BW 5 Series

And it is a very faint peek, with only a hint of the car's silhouette on show.

Speculation reveals the new 5 Series will have a longer wheelbase and track width, and the front overhang will shrink. The new 5 Series will likely be lower too, although kerb weight isn’t expected to increase thanks to more extensive use of lightweight materials such as aluminium and plastic composites.

Engine choices are likely to be similar to what is already offered on the current 5 Series, however the twin-turbocharged V8 from the X6 and 7 Series may also get a look in. A hybrid powertrain is also rumoured.

The new 5 Series is expected to make its first live appearance at December’s LA Auto Show, so keep an eye out.

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