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BMW 5 Series GT details leaked


Photos and details of the production version of BMW's upcoming 5 Series Gran Turismo have been leaked ahead of schedule

The new BMW 5 Series GT aims to combine touring, sports and luxury all in one.

First revealed as a concept version at the Geneva Auto Show, the production model of the 5 Series Gran Turismo features a few changes.

Power will come from BMW's twin-turbo V-8 producing 400hp, taking the car from 0 to 100kmh in a reported 5.4 seconds.

The engine will be mated to an all-new eight-speed automatic gearbox, capable of delivering the engine's 450 lb-ft of torque reliably.

Regenerative braking is also on the menu, allowing the alternator to remain disengaged from the engine most of the time for improved efficiency.

BMW expects a top speed of 240kph when equipped with the optional Sport Package, which includes high-speed tyres.

Style-wise, the "Hofmeister Kink" remains intact in six-window form, with its characteristic upswept tail at the rear three-quarter window.

In standard configuration, the 5 Series GT seats five, but an optional extra includes two individual reclining rear seats.

No word yet on when this model will go on sale in NZ, but we'll keep you posted.

View full specifications here.

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