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Biofuels test show its safe for engines


Recent laboratory testing of the effects of bioethanol blended fuel on aluminium engine components revealed no adverse effects with blends of up to 10 per cent

Transport Minister Steven Joyce says the results will give owners of Japanese imports confidence that bioethanol blended petrol will not cause corrosion in their vehicles.

Bioethanol blends are currently sold at about 50 service stations in New Zealand. The blends meet the New Zealand Engine Fuel Specification Regulations. Bioethanol blended petrol sold in New Zealand has the added advantage of also containing a corrosion inhibitor. 

“Sustainable biofuels can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve our fuel security. These results support the government efforts to encourage the use of renewable fuels,” Joyce says.

Bioethanol has been exempted until 2012 from the 42.5 cent per litre excise applying to petrol. In addition, the government recently announced production grants of up to 42.5 cent per litre for biodiesel producers from 1 July 2009 to 2012.

Owners of new vehicles are able to find out about manufacturer support of the use of bioethanol in its new cars by asking their representatives in New Zealand.

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