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Barbie celebrates her 50th with eye-catching Fiat


This bright pink, jewel-encrusted Fiat 500 has been created specially to celebrate the 50th birthday of Barbie

Mattel and Fiat Centro Stile joined forces to come up with the special car, which is set to race through the streets of Milan with a suitable plastic-looknig Barbie and Ken behind the wheel.

Inside the Barbie 500, bright pink seats and an LED-lit vanity mirror with ‘glitzy crystals’ feature on the dials and lettering. Outside it features a graphic depicting the classic Fiat 500 and a Barbie autograph.

A Volkswagon Beetle Cabrio (pictured with Heidi Klum) has also joined the Barbie party.

Like the Fiat 500 Barbie special, the Beetle has been sprayed bright pink with lots of ‘jewels’ stuck on the interior. VW also painted the engine bay bright pink!

Auto Trader New Zealand