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Aston Martin V12 Vantage in full colour


Carbon fibre louvres, boosted engine and sheer speed distinguish this V12 Vantage from its V8 stablemate

Aston Martin has released new images of its new V12 Vantage on the road... drool away.

Components from the V8 Vantage were either replaced or enhanced for the V12 model, such as the new limited slip differential, final drive ratio of 3.71:1 and an alloy torque tube with a lightweight carbon-fiber propeller shaft.

Engine airflow is improved by an intake bypass that opens up at 5500rpm, as well as a revised induction system and re-profiled inlet ports. Shark-fin hood vents help get heat from the powerplant out of the engine bay.

The V12 unit is 100kg heavier than the V8, but thanks to all the weight saving measures the car’s curb weight has only increased by 50kg overwall - weighing 1680kg.

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