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Adjust your driving to keep safe this winter


The NZ Transport Agency has launched its Winter Journeys campaign which encourages drivers to plan ahead to reduce winter driving risks.

“There are more vehicle crashes during June and August when motorists are likely to encounter fewer daylight hours and wetter, more slippery roads,” says Ernst Zöllner, the Agency’s Auckland and Northland director and road safety director.

“Simple guidelines for winter travelling include ensuring your vehicle is safe, always driving to the road and weather conditions, allowing more time for your travel, slowing down, being prepared for unexpected hazards and allowing greater following distance between you and the vehicle ahead.”

“The room for mistakes is reduced when road and weather conditions are less favourable, and we don’t want anyone’s mistake to end in an avoidable tragedy.”

“Slow down and watch your following distances, it only takes a split second to lose control on a wet road and your stopping distance can nearly double in wet conditions, so make sure you give yourself plenty of breathing room.”

“By keeping your speed to 10kmh below the legal limit and maintaining a four second following distance between you and the vehicle in front you will greatly reduce your risk of a crash.”

“Most important though is to plan your journey, check weather and road conditions, choose the safest route if you have the option and if possible avoid travelling in extreme weather and road conditions,” says Mr Zöllner.

“And remember road closures and restrictions are put in place for your protection and other road users, so please observe these.”

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