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A problem solved for all the motorsport drivers and co-drivers


A problem solved: RACE BAG.

Those who compete in the world of motorsport know well that one of the problems during the race is to store in a safe and secure way glasses, mobile phone, wallet, papers, cigarettes, some medicine, etc., which are usually needed by the driver and codriver.

From this need comes a comfortable bag that can be easily and quickly applied to the roll cage, at the side of the door, of the competition vehicle and which can then easily be transported thanks to a large shoulder strap.

In addition, the model has a back pocket that allows to store a tablet, a road book, a pacenote book, time card, race gloves, balaclava, etc. RACE BAG is lightweight and compact, safe, it closes and opens easily in two easy steps, it is immediately fitted.

From today motorsport drivers and codrivers have all within reach, all in the dynamic S2 Racing Fashion design.

Visit - you will see RACE BAG and all the technical features of the model Basic and model VIP.

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