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2010 Chevrolet Camaro gets the green light


After reports that the Camaro Convertible was on hold indefinitely, the car look likely to go on sale in 2011

Scheduled to go on sale next year, one year after the Coupe, the new Camaro Convertible model will go on sale in March 2011.

Cost cutting at GM and fears that the German supplier of the Camaro Convertible’s roof mechanism was about to go under led to last week’s claims that the car was put on hold indefinitely. However, the supplier in question is still in business and has a fresh contract with GM.

Industry publication Automotive News spoke to GM’s Terry Rhadigan, who said, "The convertible was never canceled. It was retimed. It will be the first quarter of 2011 for the start of production."

The usual process for carmakers is to release a convertible model one year after the coupe version but financial troubles have forced many to push their schedules back.

Radhigan also confirmed that both V6 and V8 options will be available on the drop-top Camaro.

The bad news from GM is that the Z28 is looking less likely.

GM was planning to add the 550hp 6.2L V8 engine from the Cadillac CTS-V to the Camaro’s engine bay, but the expected $50 million development price tag and future emission rules mean the Z28 is not feasible.

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