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10,000 pre-order Chevy's new Camaro


Chevrolet says forward orders for the Camaro continue to grow despite the economic downturn.

Chevrolet says 10,000 buyers have pre-ordered the new Camaro pony car which makes its US market debut this year.

And in a shifting trend the Bowtie brand says the percentage of forward orders for V6-engined Camaros is rising.

That runs counter to its earlier release when it had 6000 in the order bank and 84 percent were for V8s.

Meanwhile, Chevy’s parent company, General Motors, has to find a solution to an impasse with a bankrupted supplier of interior fittings for the Camaro before it can begin building the cars.

It needs to get machinery and componentry back from the company, but several former executives of the supplier are reportedly stalling the return as they try to put together a byout plan to keep trading.

GM has said that if it doesn’t get the gear back by January 12, it will have to delay the start of Camaro production.

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