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Mustang GT


A real head-turner

Paul is definitely a Mustang man.

“Oh yes, very much so,” he says as we get chatting about the 2005 Mustang GT he’s got for sale.

He’s had several, but they’ve been older cars, and being older cars means there has always been something needing doing on them.

“That’s the reason I bought these ones,” he says, referring to the three – two coupes (2005 and 2006) and a convertible – he bought in the United States last July.

Three? Well, it was the convertible he wanted but there was space for another two cars in the shipping container and what better to fill that space than two Mustang coupes?

“I’d become sick and tired of having old Mustangs,” he says. “You’re always working on them and not being able to enjoy them. “I wanted cars that were reliable, and I’m really pleased that I bought these three.”

The convertible is what’s known in Mustang circles as a Triple Black – black upholstery, black softtop and black paintwork.

A Stang in Black if you like. It’s a theme that runs through all three of his Mustangs – they all have black interiors, though the blue coupe and the convertible are Premium-spec which adds a titanium trim to the dashboard, where the yellow coupe – in Deluxe trim – uses just plain black.

The yellow car is the first of the three to be converted to right-hand drive – Eagle Autos of New Plymouth did the conversion.

Paul says the GT is a sweet handling car, though “it’s probably a little bit hard in the suspension.”

The trade-off is cornering and handling that is much more precise. “You don’t get that floating sensation that you get with a lot of older American cars.

“This one corners very nicely.” And goes like a scalded cat. “The 4.6-litre V8 (used in the GT) is the fastest-ever (stock) engine in a Mustang. It’ll hit 60mph in under five seconds.”

Ford’s 4.6 V8 uses an aluminium block and heads, and revs out to 6250rpm. Horsepower is around 300.

It drives the rear wheels through a five-speed Tremec gearbox.

Steering is by power-assisted rack and pinion. Paul’s GT has big brakes, a limited slip differential, and traction control – a boon in a powerful rear-wheel drive car, especially on wet roads.

With its rakish, retro-influenced lines and vibrant yellow paint, the 2005 GT is “a real head-turner,” says Paul.

“People point at you and say: ‘hey, look at what’s coming.’ “I’ve had a lot of fun with this car.” And Paul’s yellow GT has one piece of equipment that will gladden the heart of any true high-performance car fan – a manual gearbox. The car’s equipment list is comprehensive and impressive.

There’s a six-stacker Compact Disc player with boom box, and leather upholstery. “It’s got all the mod cons.”

But that’s not what really sets it apart from the crowd – even the high-performance crowd. There’s one thing that really makes this car far from ordinary. Paul pauses, then adds: “It’s a Mustang.”

Nothing more needs be said.

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