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Honda Ridgeline Concept


Now is this wild, or what? Writer Jacqui Madelin says the standard Honda Ridgeline pick-up truck is a gem, but designers from Honda's design centre in Torrance, California, have gone one better.

Charles Baer designed the exterior and Kimberly Marte the interior of the Ridgeline Street Sport concept shown at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Nevada, last week.

The jet-black show truck is 100mm wider than the production model and rides on 22-inch wheels.

Functional aluminium side exhaust pipes give it a street rod look.

Baer says the truck is designed to "embrace someone who wants the street-racing look. It's for young people."

The wide, sports-style fascia has foglights, and there are aluminium accents on the body sides.

The concept has the shaved look in vogue with truner car enthusiats. There are no exterior door handles, the door opening by remote control.

 Baer says Honda needs variations of the Ridgeline to attract younger buyers.

Honda US public relations chief Jeff told US magazine Automotive News that Honda will gauge SEMA visitors's reactions to the concept. "We'll see what type of feedback we get and adjust accordingly."

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