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Ford Territory Turbo


Ford has answered the call for more power for its best-selling Territory SUV by releasing a turbocharged version.

It took the wraps off the turbo Territory - which will be sold in two specification levels - at last week's Melbourne Motor Show.

The new models - Turbo Territory and Ghia Turbo Territory - add a high-performance, executive-oriented model to the Australian-developed SUV range.

They're expected to appeal to a new range of buyers than the naturally-aspirated Territory does, and will help maintain sales numbers in a market segment that if affected by rising petrol prices.
The turbo Territory will go on sale in New Zealand around the middle of the year: NZ pricing and specifications have yet to be announced.

It will carry a premium price, the same way as the $57,990 XR6 Turbo carries a $7000 price premium over the $50,990 Falcon XR6.

The naturally-aspirated Territory Ghia sells for $64,990, and the TS for $59,490, so prices for the turbo models could range from around $57,000 to $72,000.
Power comes from the turbocharged 245kW version of the Ford Falcon 4.0-litre inline six-cylinder motor.

The engine will give the turboed SUV immense towing power - it develops 480Nm of peak torque.
Both models will have permanent four-wheel drive transmissions and automatic gearboxes.

The Territory Turbo is distinguished by a bonnet scoop which diverts cool air into the engine mounted intercooler.
Other distinguising exterior design cues include new-design 18-inch five spoke alloy wheels. The luxury-oriented Ghia Turbo's have a machined face finish providing the distinction between the two turbo models.
A diamond mesh grille allows for improved cooling, and at the rear of the two models dual exhaust outlets create what Ford calls "a subtle performance statement."
The turbo Territorys have body-colour bumpers, cladding, sills and liftgate moulding. Foglights will be standard.
The turbo Territory range colour palette introduces three new colours which have not previously been available on Territorys - Seduce (Red), Neo (Blue) and Ego (Charcoal).
The new colours were chosen with "executive appeal in mind," says chief exterior designer Graham Wadsworth.

The inside story

Ford has deliberately gone with a upmarket, executive-oriented look with the turbocharged Territory's interior.
"One of the key design principles behind the turbo Territory range is understated elegance and performance," says colour and trim design manager Debbie Pascoe.
She says the turbos are aimed at "an even more discerning customer."
"We wanted the interior to reflect this, and therefore chose a warm charcoal trim to create an interior that is alluring and exciting. This particular interior is sportier than a non-turbo Territory, giving a stronger, more assertive overall image."
The Ghia Turbo's Interior Command Centre (ICC) is finished in black onyx, with satin chrome highlights.
"The appearance of the new ICC helps create a real sense of prestige and wow factor," says Pascoe. "The black interior...leaves no doubt that this is a special vehicle."
The instrument cluster is unique to the turbo Territory range, with a slight variation in illumination, colours and finishes between the two models.
Further differentiation between the two is evident in interior appointments. The Territory Turbo has a sports steering wheel, the Ghia a luxury sports steering wheel and leather wrapped parking brake. A leather insert gear lever is standard on both models.
The new colour scheme flows through to other aspects of the interior, including the sporty new supportive seats.
The Territory Turbo has black suede style seat trim and four-way power driver seat; the Ghia has black leather seat trim with a six-way power driver seat. Both models have power adjustable pedals as standard.
The command driving position, a favourite feature for Territory owners, remains a key attribute of the new turbo models.
Both vehicles offer flexible seating arrangements and lots of storage spaces.
The Territory Ghia Turbo's colour TFT screen enables the use of the reverse camera, operating in conjunction with a Reverse Sensing System.
"It was important to create an interior which is representative of what Territory Turbo and Territory Ghia Turbo are as vehicles," says Pascoe.
"It is high end, it is capable, it is refined and offers performance attributes. The use of dark colours in the interior helps convey (that) styling statement."

Mechanical matters

Developing the turbo Territory wasn't just a matter of bolting in the turbo Falcon motor, says Ford Australia's product development boss, Trevor Worthington.

"It was an extensive engineering project that involved a lot more work than simply slotting an engine into a space under the bonnet."

The development programme has resulted in unique engine and transmission calibrations, a unique Dynamic Stability Control calibration, unique exhaust system and new 18-inch alloy wheels and tyres.

Extensive thermal testing and subsequent engine modifications involving heating and cooling performance comprised a large proportion of the testing procedure.

The two turbocharged Territory models will also incorporate some of the latest hardware developments which featured on the recently launched SY Territory, including the ZF six speed automatic complete with Sequential Sport Shift (SSS).

"With 245kW and 480Nm available, there was only one transmission we seriously considered, the ZF 6HP26," says Worthington.

The two turbo Territory models have a unique version of the ZF 6HP26  which has been specially designed for the turbo all-wheel drive application.

The transmission's internals and torque converter are common with the Falcon BF XR6 Turbo and FPV F6, and the transmission casing is common with the SY Territory AWD.

A unique transmission calibration makes optimum use of the turbo engine's power and torque, both on and off road. The transmission oil cooler has also been upgraded, maintaining a 2300kg maximum towing capacity.

Both Territory turbos have P235/55 R18 tyres which have been engineered to deliver an optimum balance between grip and comfort.

The turbo Territorys get upgraded front brakes, complete with a performance calliper and increased rotor size (compared with SY Territory), for reliable and stable brake performance, and increased thermal capacity. The revised calliper package offers improved pedal feel and modulation of pedal pressure in all braking situations.

What you get

Common to both models, the Territory Turbo and Territory Ghia Turbo, have 245kW/480Nm turbocharged, six-cylinder inline engines.

Both also have bonnet scoops and dual exhausts, and a ZF Six Speed Automatic transmission with Sequential Sports Shift (SSS). Both are all-wheel drive.

They have power-adjustable driver's seats (four-way in the Turbo, six-way in the Ghia); 18-inch alloy wheels; cruise control; more than 30 storage compartments, and body colour bumpers.

The Ghia adds a TFT screen; reverse Camera, operating in conjunction with a Reverse Sensing System; side curtain airbags (to the Turbo's dual front and side bags); premium sound system; and dual zone climate-control air-conditioning.

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