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Wilson to race at Knoxville


NZ speedway Sprint Car c hampion heads to USA for big race meeting.

New Zealand Sprint Car champion driver, Carl Wilson, leaves for America this week to race in the Knoxville Nationals in Iowa.

Wilson (34) will race with the TLC Racing team with backing from NZ racing overalls manufacturer, Flamecrusher.

Wilson began his career in 1992 driving TQ Midgets, but has traced Sprint Cars for the past nine years.

John Pivac, marketing boss for Wilson’s chief NZ sponsor, for Marley NZ, says Wilson has worked hard to become number one,

“This trip will mean some great competition next season, but in the meantime, he has to focus of qualifying for the finals night at Knoxville, which means beating 200 other drivers for one of the top places.”

TLC Racing is an Australasian, US-based, company established by Australians Brooke Tatnell (driver) and Barry Lewis, with NZ-born chassis builder John Cooley.

They’ll supply Wilson with a new Cool chassis for the Knoxville Nationals.

Wilson will be taking over the wheel from regular driver Tatnell, who will work closely with the New Zealander during his week with the team.

The Knoxville track is double the length of any NZ track, and Wilson expects the experience will improve his stamina and skills for the New Zealand speedway season which begins in October.

“I’ve been to Knoxville and watched before, but I think being part of the competition will hit home to me the intensity it takes to win and constantly be on top.

“That’s what I’d like to bring back with me to New Zealand, and I think I’ll learn more in a week in Knoxville than I will here at home.”

Wilson‘s ultimate goal would be to get a professional drive in the USA where the season runs from early March to late October.

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