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Williams TRS plans lost in luggage


Taranaki racing teen Marc Williams is rueing a pre-season trip that has seen around $16,000 of racing gear go missing.

Spending time in the US visiting various race meetings, he was preparing for a full season of the Toyota Racing Series. With a season to look forward to his arrival home was found to be less his racing gear bag that had been travelling as checked luggage.

“It’s been a month and no bag – it had everything in it, helmet, overalls, Hans, everything – and it had to be that bag that went missing. So it’s kinda slowed things down a bit,” said the 18-year old.

Following the trip, Williams intends to only contest the three-round International TRS while other plans fall in to place.

“I was really getting ready for the season – now I’ve got nothing to get in to. I’ve got no licence, nothing – it’s just really annoying.”

“The funny thing is some big American has probably got expensive gear that is way way too small for them or anyone they know.”

While getting replacement gear isn’t so much the concern, he has been waiting a month in anticipation the bag would be found. Having only recently received word from the American airline responsible for the loss of his bag, they have considered it ‘gone’ and are now starting insurance claim procedures.

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