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Webber wins in Spain


Red Bull's Mark Webber drove a faultless race to win his third Grand Prix victory

Australian Webber lead into the first corner ahead of Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel. McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso followed behind.

After the first pit stops, Webber was more than nine seconds ahead of Hamilton, who'd got Vettel in the tyre changes.

Webber controlled things from the front, while Hamilton drove aggressively to keep Vettel at bay, and further back Alonso established himself in fourth ahead of a three-way scrap for fifth between Michael Schumacher in the Mercedes, McLaren’s Jenson Button and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa.

Stalemate set in, and it was not until Vettel ran wide on the 54th lap that things kicked into action. The German pitted at the end of the lap for a fresh set of soft tyres, but then couldn't get back onto pace.

Vettel dropped to fourth behind Alonso, but 10 laps later Hamilton’s left front tyre gave up and sent him into the wall, leaving Alonso second and Vettel third on the podium.

Schumacher led a Button home with Massa sixth.

Webber’s victory puts him back into contention. Button still leads the drivers’ championship with 70 points, followed by Alonso on 67, Vettel on 60, Webber on 53, Rosberg on 50, and Hamilton and Massa on 49.

McLaren still lead the constructors’ with 119, with Ferrari second on Ferrari 116 from Red Bull on 113, Mercedes GP on 72 and Renault on 50.

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