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Vickers bumps to victory


Brian Vickers bump-drafted himself to victory in Sunday’s NASCAR Nextel Cup counter at the Talledega Super-speedway in Alabama.

Not just anyone, but his Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo teammate Jimmie Johnson who was running second.

Johnson’s Chevy hit race leader Dale Earnhardt Junior’s car and both spun.Vickers sailed by to grab the win.

“It’s pretty exciting to get our first win,” he said. “Not quite exactly how I planned it but Jimmie (Johnson) had a heck of a run and I was pushing him and then when he turned down, I got off of him. Then when he turned down to pass (#8 Earnhardt), the #8 kept pushing down and when he
jerked to avoid the #8 trying to block him, I just got into him.

“I apologize, that is the last thing I want to do is to get into Jimmie but when the
#8 chopped him and Jimmie swerved, I just got into him.”

Vickers is leaving Hendricks at the end of the season to drive a Toyota Camry for Team Red Bull. Vickers was told two weeks ago that he was no longer allowed in Hendrick team meetings since he was leaving at the end of the year.

Kasey Kahne (Dodge Charger) finished second.

“I was right behind (the bumping incident),” he said. “It looked like those guys were waiting, kinda ganging up on the #8. (Vickers) was pushing, gave him (#48) a great run. He was pushing him by. It was hard to tell who went which way, but it kinda looked like (Vickers) went down to get behind (Johnson) and keep pushing him and he was already a little bit up on his right rear corner there and actually kinda hooked him and turned him into (Earnhardt) from where I was. I was also racing, trying to miss all that stuff, so I could be a little wrong.”

Kurt Busch was third, followed by Matt Kenseth and Martin Truex Junior. Jeff Burton has held on to the series lead by just six points over Matt Kenseth. Mark Martin is four further back. 

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