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Tyre management key to success


How V8 Supercar drivers and teams manage their three sets of tyre will be vital to their performance at Pukekohe this weekend.

April 18, 2007, 5.45pm. Tyre supplier Dunlop says tyre management will be critical for drivers in this weekend’s V8 Supercar round at Pukekohe.

“There are many new features to the season, new drivers, new teams, new cars, new technologies, a new scoring system and a new qualifying format, but one thing remains consistent – the tyres,” says Dunlop’s V8 Supercar operations manager, Kevin Fitzsimons.

“How those tyres are managed will play a greater role in achieving success in 2007.

“While the tyre quantities will be similar to last year and the tyre specifications are the same, some of the new rulings brought into the championship will have a big impact on how the drivers use their tyres during qualifying and on race days.

“Each team is given three sets per car for each round, and it’s up to them how the tyres are used.

“With a qualifying system in place that rewards early qualifiers, some drivers may choose to sit out as soon as they qualify in order to save an additional set of tyres for the race.

“With a new points system encouraging overtaking and rewarding race winners, I expect the tyres to be given an intense workout throughout the entire season.”

Dunlop’s control tyre, with just 4mm of tread and a contact patch of 80mm, is designed and tested to control a 1.5-tonne vehicle with a 5.0-litre, V8 engine that is capable of 620bhp at 7500rpm with a top speed of 295km/h in temperatures up to 120°C.

“The Pukekohe track is one of the fastest on the V8 Supercar calendar and tyre management and preservation will be the crucial factors between success and failure,” says Fitzsimons.

This year, Dunlop will supply and service about 9000 tyres to the V8 Championship and the Fujitsu Series. This will all be coordinated through two huge double transporters and a team consisting of an engineer, four to six tyre fitters and an operations manager.



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