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Scott wins Ruapuna NZ V8s round


Three second placings gave former champ victory in this weekend's third round of the 2008/2009 NZ V8s series.

Fujitsu Ford Falcon racer Kayne Scott has won round three of the BNT NZ V8s championship at Ruapuna Park.

Scott finished second in all three of this weekend’s races, the final reverse grid start event after a strong drive from the back of the field.

Fellow Ford driver Angus Fogg won Saturday’s race, with defending champion John McIntyre winning this morning’s race.

Queensland-based Kiwi Craig Baird won the reverse grid race, his first 2008/2009 NZ V8s series victory. He and McIntyre also drove Falcons.

It was Baird’s third win of the weekend. He won two of the Battery Town Porsche GT3 races on his way to winning the round in that category.

Results of the Hampsta 200 Tier 1 national series race meeting, Ruapuna, November 29-30.

BNT NZ V8s Championship

Race 1 (12 laps): Angus Fogg (Auckland) Ford Falcon 1, Kayne Scott (Hamilton) Ford Falcon 2, Craig Baird (Gold Coast) Ford Falcon 3, Andy Booth (Auckland) Holden Commodore 4, John McIntyre (Nelson) Ford Falcon 5, Andy Knight (Christchurch) Ford Falcon 6, Eddie Bell (Christchurch) Ford Falcon 7, Tim Edgell (Auckland) Ford Falcon 8, Paul Pedersen (Rotorua) Ford Falcon 9, Adam Brook (Christchurch) Ford Falcon 10.

Race 2 (16 laps): McIntyre 1, Scott 2, Booth 3, Fogg 4, Edgell 5, Pedersen 6, Brook 7, Bell 8, Dale Williams (Auckland) Ford Falcon 9, Andrew Porter (Auckland) Ford Falcon 10.

Race 3 (20 laps, reverse grid): Baird 1, Scott 2, McIntyre 3, Manuell 4, Booth 5, Williams 6, Nick Ross (Cambridge) Holden Commodore 7, Fogg 8, Simon Richards (Hamilton) Ford Falcon 9, Bell 10.

Toyota Racing Series

Race 1 (12 laps): Michael Burdett (Hamilton) Toyota TT104ZZ 1, Scott Pye (South Australia) Toyota TT104ZZ 2, Nathan Antunes (New South Wales) Toyota TT104ZZ 3, Mitch Cunningham (Auckland) Toyota TT104ZZ 4, Keeley Pudney (Rotorua) Toyota TT104ZZ 5.

Race 2 (12 laps): Antunes 1, Cunningham 2, Sam MacNeill (Palmerston North) Toyota TT104ZZ 3, Alastair Wootten (Whangaparaoa) Toyota TT104ZZ 4, Daniel Jilesen (Taumarunui) Toyota TT104ZZ 5.

Race 3 (24 laps, Lady Wigram Trophy): Pye 1, M Cunningham 2, MacNeill 3, Jilesen 4, Antunes 5. New lap record: Nathan Antunes, 1m 19.429s.

Porsche GT3 Cup Championship

Race 1 (10 laps): Craig Baird (Gold Coast) Porsche GT3 1, David Reynolds (Melbourne) Porsche GT3 2, Daniel Gaunt (Auckland) Porsche GT3 3, Jody Vincent (Auckland) Porsche GT3 4, Courtney Letica (Auckland) Porsche GT3 5.

Race 2 (10 laps): Baird 1, Reynolds 2, Vincent 3, Gaunt 4, Anthony Pedersen (Rotorua) Porsche GT3 5

New lap record: Craig Baird, 1:23.567

Race 3 (14 laps, reverse top six grid): Reynolds 1, Baird 2, Jono Lester (Auckland) Porsche GT3 3, Rodney Forbes (Sydney) Porsche GT3 4, Shane McKillen (Auckland) Porsche GT3 5. New lap record: Craig Baird, 1m 23.476s.

Suzuki New Zealand Production Racing Championship

Race 1 (8 laps): Logan Childs (Auckland) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 1, Simon Sceats (Auckland) Subaru Impreza WRX 2, Scott McKelvie (Auckland) Mitsubishi Lancer 3, Grant Aitken (Queenstown) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 4, Brady Kennett (Palmerston North) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 5.

Race 2 (8 laps): Zane Coppins (Auckland) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO9 1, McKelvie 2, Aitken 3, Kennett 4, Gene Rollinson (Auckland) Mazda3 MPS 5

Race 3 (12 laps, handicap): Coppins 1, Aitken 2, McKelvie 3, Sceats 4, Rollinson 5.

MTA Formula Ford Championship

Race 1 (8 laps): Richie Stanaway (Tauranga) Mygale SJ08a 1, Stefan Webling (Taranaki) Van Diemen Stealth 2, Mitchell Evans (Auckland) Van Diemen Stealth 3, Jamie McNee (Wellington) Van Diemen Stealth 4, Nick Donaldson (Christchurch Van Diemen Stealth) 5.

Race 2 (8 laps): Stanaway 1, McNee 2, Martin Short (Hamilton) Mygale S007a 3, Simon Evans (Auckland) Van Diemen Stealth 4, Matthew Penrose (Christchurch) Van Diemen RF92 5. New lap record, Richie Stanaway, 1m 28.578s.

Race 3 (12 laps): Stanaway 1, Webling 2, M Evans 3, McNee 4, S Evans 5.

Mini Challenge

Race 1 (8 laps): Simon McLennan (Wellington) Mini Cooper 1, Gary Johnstone (Christchurch) Mini Cooper 2, Brent Melhop (Wellington) Mini Cooper 3, Craig Innes (Taupo) Mini Cooper 4, Clarke Hopkins (Auckland) Mini Cooper 5.

Race 2 (8 laps): McLennan 1, Johnstone 2, Melhop 3, Gavin Yortt (Hastings) Mini Cooper 4, Hopkins 5. New lap record, Simon McLennan 1:39.084.

Race 3 (12 laps, reverse grid): Hopkins 1, Innes 2, Mark Maddren (Auckland) Mini Cooper 3, McLennan 4, Melhop 5.

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