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Scott: it was hard work


NZ V8 pole winner Kayne Scott says putting his Commodore on the front of the grid wasn’t easy.

April 21, 2007, 11.30am. NZ V8 pole winner Kayne Scott says the lap that gained him the prime starting position didn’t come easily.

Scott put the Fujitsu Holden Commodore on the front row of the grid for today’s first race with a 61.386s-second lap, three-tenths of a second ahead of Angus Fogg.

“I’m absolutely happy,” Scott said. “It was a big old effort, though.

“I’m rapt to be on pole. (Qualifying) is the part of motorsport I enjoy the most.”

Scott said there had been confusion throughout the NZ V8 field during the session after a beacon which provides data on which drivers rely to know where their lap times are in relation to each other’s was dismantled after the V8 Supercar practice session.

“It was a bit of a confusing session,” he said of the 15-minute stint.

“”No-one knew their times, and I didn’t realize how much we rely on that information (during a qualifying session).

“I didn’t know where I was and I tried a bit too hard sometimes.”

Scott said that after a fast run in the practice session earlier in the day, he had been frustrated by how long it took him to set a fast lap in qualifying. His pole time came on lap 11 of the 13 laps he completed.

“We were wanting to bank a time early.”

Scott says the Mark Petch Motorsport team has put a huge effort into preparing the car for this race meeting.

“We’ve turned the whole package over, and we’ve made a whole lot of improvements to the car; things that we were talking about all season that we would do for next year we’ve done now.

“We’ve put a massive effort in for this meeting, and I think it’s looking pretty good (for this weekend’s races).”

But Scott says he’s not counting his chickens. “It’s only early days. There are three races, a lot of cars, a reverse grid race. We’re treating it just like another race meeting (even though it will decide the NZ V8 championship).

“We’ve just got to keep our focus.”


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