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Richards slams tarmac rally danger claims


Jim Richards has reacted angrily to claims that tarmac rally events - such as the one in which Peter Brock was killed three weeks ago - are dangerous and should be banned.

Richards, an eight-time Targa Tasmania winner and leading competitor in tarmac rallying was reacting to comments by Sandown Raceway promoter Jon Davison, who labelled such events as "incredibly dangerous."

"What everyone is trying to say is that these events are terribly dangerous," said Richards. "Well, they're not! Driving around a race track is [just as] dangerous."

Richards, who won three of his seven Bathurst 1000s co-driving with Brock, was critical of suggestions that tarmac rallying was any more dangerous than circuit racing.

"All motorsport is dangerous in that way," Richards retorted. "I don't believe rallying is any more dangerous than anything else because in a race around a track, you commit to the corners 100 percent, ten-tenths."

"If you make a bit of an error, the consequences are the same. You're going to hit something hard."

"In a rally, you don't commit to the corners 100 per cent because you don't know exactly what's around the corner."

Richards described Davison's criticisms of tarmac rallying as "nonsense' and suggested that, "if Brocky was here with us, he'd be the first on leading the cry to say 'leave it alone, there's nothing wrong with it'."

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