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The 2006/07 PRINT STOP OSCA Super Saloon series is starting to take shape.

The 2006/07 PRINT STOP OSCA Super Saloon series is starting to take shape. The recent rule change has opened the series to some new cars that will add to the variety and the international flavour of the field. In the 2005/06 season, fields of more than 25 cars became common. Early indications are that the 2006/07 season will feature similarly large fields.

A major change to the rules for this season has allowed extra freedoms for non-spaceframe V8s. This means, for example, that Australian V8 Supercars are now eligible to race in the PRINT STOP series. Owners of New Zealand based former V8 Supercars have been enthusiastic about the prospect having a competitive series to race in.

The PRINT STOP OSCA series includes a wide variety of cars representing a diverse range of championships from around the world. Competing along side cars from the Australian V8 Supercar championship, are Transams from the USA, Porsches from Europe, a Sierra Cosworth similar to those raced in the UK and fleet of Japanese Mazdas, Subarus and Nissans. The New Zealand tradition of putting big engines in small cars is also well represented with V8s finding their way in to Capris, Toyota Levins and Altessas, Mazda RX7s and a Mitsubishi GTO.

Close competition between a variety of cars is guaranteed with race formats that include reverse grid and handicap races. Competitors are also heavily rewarded for reliability and consistency.
The 2006/07 PRINT STOP OSCA Series kicks of Labour Weekend, 21-22 October, at Taupo Motorsport Park.

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