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New team formed for Youth Mini stock racing in the Waikato


PPG Industries New Zealand Limited have launched a major sponsorship program in the Waikato with the formation of Team PPG, a youth mini-stock speedway racing team based out of the Waikato Stock and Saloon Car Clubs, Huntly facility.

Untitled Document The team consists of three cars and five drivers, four of which are new to the racing scene although the families have been involved in speedway for a number of years.

The youth mini-stock concept is for young boys and girls aged between 12 and 16 to compete in a non contact form of speedway although the class is very competitive. The cars these young people will drive look just like a stock car most people would recognise albeit a little smaller. The class is restricted to 1200cc motors and most are based on the Nissan Sunny or Toyota Corolla type of running gear.

These young drivers will be contracted to PPG and the Steve Williams Foundation and they will be accountable for their actions at the speedway tracks around the country but as well as their school work and application to achieving results.

Sponsorship is not just about asking for financial help but for the development of a partnership that not only assists the drivers but the profile and brand awareness of the sponsor.

PPG have seen and want to ensure that this opportunity to assist these young men into a motor racing career will not only benefit their products and their company but these young people have to learn accountability, conduct and appearance standards that will help them learn life skills.

Team PPG mini stocks also has a family based crew working behind the scenes ensuring the cars are prepared and maintained to the best possible standards. With the fathers of the boys being past speedway competitors their knowledge and skill will also be a big part of the training and mentoring that they will need to learn about to become skilled and confident in a stock car.

Waikato Stock and Saloons Car Clubs Huntly track provides a very comprehensive and challenging mentoring program for new drivers and they are guided, trained and coached in all aspects of racing safety, driving lines, and pre race preparation so the drivers are aware and ready for any situation that may arise on a race track.

Duncan McDonnell, the National Sales Manager for PPG New Zealand stated that the future of tomorrows champions are moulded and guided when they are new to a sport and PPG is pleased to be able to assist a team such as this to challenge these young men in their motor sport career.

The opportunity is now theirs to take and develop over the next two years of this assistance program.

Team PPG youth mini stocks are looking forward to the opportunity to bring a new dimension into the mini stock ranks and with the season only three months away from commencement the hard work is just beginning.

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