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McDonald builds new Sprinter for summer


McDonald builds new Sprinter for summer

Former national champion Jamie McDonald is building a new sprint car for this season’s racing at Auckland’s Western Springs Speedway.

He’s using a new J & J chassis with a Daniel Haigh-built engine.

“We had to cut our season short last summer after two crashes, but I’ve built up another car and I have another chassis on order,” he said this week.

“I feel there’s no reason that we can’t get back to being successful again this season.

“It’s hard to say why things didn’t go well last season, but I think a lot of things contributed. We were burning a lot of midnight oil around Christmas and that probably took its toll.”

McDonald said that a trip to Cromwell Speedway in the southern South Island to contest a round of the War of the Wings series with Allan Wakeling, both driving borrowed cars, contributed a lot toward rejuvenating his interest in the sport.

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