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Mark Pedersen takes a sabbatical


Who will drive the United Ford Falcon?

Former NZ V8s champion Mark Pedersen is taking “a season’s sabbatical’’ this summer but says he hasn’t retired from racing. He expects that the team’s United Video Ford Falcon will run with another driver at the wheel.

With Shane Drake moving to Australia, Pedersen is looking at the possibility of taking a TV commentary role this season.

“I have a one year old son, and with my work commitments I’d always intended to take a season’s sabbatical, especially as racing in the category doesn’t get any cheaper,” said Pedersen.

At least three drivers are in the frame to race the car, but as usual the stumbling block is an ability to bring sponsorship.

Pedersen’s brother-in-law Craig Baird would be an ideal addition to the championship.

Pedersen says that with Baird now driving for Triple X in Porsche GT3s, there is no longer a conflict of interest in Baird driving an NZ V8 as there was when he raced a GT3 for International Motorsport, an outfits that also races in NZ V8s.

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