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Lewis Hamilton biggest talent in 20 years


This motor racing season, we’ve slowly improved our pace but unfortunately that’s been negated by niggling mechanical problems with our Toyota Racing Series open-wheeler. Problems like the coil failure we had during the New Zealand Grand Prix – very frustrating.

Over on the other side of the world, Matt Halliday has had a tough start to his Champ Car career, not finishing any of the first two races.

In the opener in Las Vegas, he was the innocent party in an early pile-up, and at Long Beach, he struggled with a bad brake pedal before the diff blew itself out of the car.
Engineers from gearbox manufacturer Hewland who were present had never seen a diff fail like that before and were quite amazed.

It’s been a tough learning curve for Matt, trying to get on top of the new car with only a one-car team and half the data that the two-car teams are gathering. It can only get better.
I’ve been watching the start of the Formula 1 season with interest.

Lewis Hamilton has got to be the biggest talent that we’ve seen in the last 20 years.
Okay, you can say he’s been groomed for it by McLaren since he was 10, but he has amazing car control, he is incredibly mature, and he has a super cool head when he’s under pressure.

He does have one of the best cars under him, but he has made none of the rookie mistakes you’d expect. He had two of the biggest names in Formula 1 (Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso) finish behind him in Malaysia.

How many rookies can say they’ve finished on the podium in their first three Grands Prix? He’s not only a star of the future but a star of today.

As this racing season ends, my thoughts are already turning to next year, which will be my 50th consecutive season in top-level motorsport.

Sometimes I think I’m either stubborn or completely insane to have been doing it this long.

Either way watch out for a season-long celebration. See you at a racetrack soon!

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