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Legge takes flight in Champ car


PKV Racing's Katherine Legge walked away from a spectacular crash unscathed at the Champ Car Grand Prix of Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. ^

Legge, who qualified a season and career high tying eighth, got an equally good start picking up three places by the second lap. One as a result of the opening lap incident and another when Justine Wilson was moved back two spots for jumping the start. However, on the restart following the crash she got boxed in and lost sixth places dropping to 11th. Showing her trademark determination, Legge began the long climb back. She picked up one spot on lap seven, but fell back to 12th after the first round of pit stops. Legge fought her way back to 10th by the second round of stops and when Tracy made an off-track excursion after losing a battle with Servia, she was in ninth. Legge was running in seventh just before the start of the third round of stops, then moved into second place when she was able to stay out longer then most of the cars ahead of her. The extra laps, with a low load of fuel, gave Legge additional track position so that following a very quick stop by the Bell Micro - PKV Racing crew on lap 43 she reemerged in sixth place, just behind her teammate. Three laps later she was flying through the air upside down and staring at the ground.

"I am a bit shaken, but I'm you can see," she said. "All my bits are intact, so that just goes to show how strong Champ cars are. It was a big impact, but hopefully everything will be fine for the next race at Surfers Paradise."

Legge went on to say, "I don't think you are really aware of what is going on when you have a situation like I had. All of a sudden the car just sped up and hit the wall. Then I see the ground and there is dirt coming into the cockpit.and I see the fence.honestly you are thinking what is going to happen next. I think I saw parts breaking off all around me. And I think I saw the engine split away because the thing I was thinking about the most was that the car was going to catch fire, which it did. Then when the engine went away and I though okay that's good. To be honest I think I had my eyes closed for lots of it, but it is a bit scary."

Legge concluded by saying, "The only problem I am having now is I banged by knee a little bit against the bulkhead. It is just a bit of bruising which won't look to attractive in my dress at the Atlantic's banquet tonight."

Following her crash safety officials reported that Legge was "awake, alert and had no complaints." She was held for observation for approximately half an hour. Upon arrival at the Champ Car medical unit she was asked if she wanted anything to which see responded, "Just a cup of tea."

Legge, a rookie, made her 12th career Champ Car start and first at Road America although she did compete there last year in the Atlantic Championships qualifying third and finishing second. The native of Guilford, England has earned four top-10 finishes in her first 11 Champ Car races placing a season, and career, high sixth at Milwaukee, eighth in her Champ Car debut at Long Beach eighth in Cleveland and ninth in Denver. She has qualified in the top-10 twice in 12 attempts this year.

She is fifth in the Roshrans Rookie of the Year race.

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