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Kanga's Pither learns Oran Park


Before today the young New Zealand pilot of the Kanga Loaders Falcon, Chris Pither, had never even seen Oran Park Raceway.

In an endeavour to overcome what Kanga Loaders Racing saw as a major disadvantage going into Round 4 of the Fujitsu V8 Supercar series, Pither spent today at the circuit under the tutelage of Ian Luff, who runs advanced driver training at the circuit.

Three-quarters of the day was spent on the south circuit, the day finishing on the fast, flowing and sometimes bumpy full circuit.

Pither had Luff in the car with him at various times and Luff gave him plenty of ideas on the best ways through the corners of the technically demanding 2.7 kilometre circuit.

"Today's experience will make it a whole lot easier to set up the car next weekend. I'll be able to focus on that rather than learning the track," said Oran Park "virgin" Pither.

Pither added, "Oran Park is a lot more technical than the other tracks I have been to. There are plenty of bumps and other stuff, so you have to know where to put the car."

"It's a really flowing circuit. If you stuff up in one corner it flows on from that. It's not like Queensland Raceway where it's just start-stop stuff."

But the Kanga Loaders driver is obviously looking forward to the challenge: "I love the track. It's cool."

The Kanga Loaders Falcon will line up for Round 4 of the Fujitsu V8 Supercar Championship at Oran Park Raceway, Sydney, next weekend, with practice on Friday, 11 August, qualifying and Race 1 on Saturday and Race 2 (reverse grid) and Race 3 on Sunday.

Catch all the action on TV ONE on Sunday, 27 August, between 3 pm and 6 pm.

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