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Johnny Mac wants more Supercar racing


NZ V8 Champion John McIntyre returned from competing in the Fujitsu V8 Supercar Development round at Queensland Raceway suitably impressed with the Prodigy team.

“It’s a fantastic team,” he said this week. “It may be their first year, but you can feel the F1 influence in the team.

The number one mechanic on my car was with the Williams team during their championship winning years.”

McIntyre will contest the next round of the development series at Oran Park in early August with the team.

“The team is in the building phase and these are expensive cars to run, so of course they need some income (by way of sponsorship from the driver), but I’d be keen to work on a package for next year.”

McIntyre, who now lives in Nelson, finished 10th, 30th and sixth in the three races, suffering a tyre blowout in race two, to finish 10th overall.

The outing served to underline his belief that a driver needs to be competing in the development series to be offered a drive in the end of year endurance races at Sandown and Bathurst.

“These cars are probably the hardest touring cars in the world to drive because they are too quick for the tyres and brakes they run,” he said. “It’s all about brakes.

You can lock a brake and a tyre and not even feel it, and because there is too much power to get on the throttle early.”

European touring car specialists brought in as co-drivers for the endurance races have often struggled, and McIntyre believes that’s because most of them have come from a background racing lighter and less powerful cars.

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