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Queensland Raceway is the venue for the next round of the V8 Supercar

I can’t stand Queensland Raceway

July 11, 2007, 12.30pm. Queensland Raceway is the venue for the next round of the V8 Supercar Championship and it’s an event I’m not looking forward to.

To be honest and frank, I can’t stand the place – it conjures up nothing but bad memories for me and, as a circuit, I just don’t enjoy it.

Much of my dislike for QR dates back to 2005, when I had a huge accident there.

After tangling with Paul Morris, my Tasman Motorsport Commodore hit an errant kerb, which vaulted it into a series of frightening barrel rolls.

After the car came to a rest, I was lucky to get out with only a few minor injuries.

It was the biggest crash I’ve had in 20 years of racing and though I’d had a relatively similar experience at Pukekohe the year before, this time the impact was so much greater.

The car was hitting the ground so hard that I honestly thought for a moment I was going to die – there was so much stuff flying around inside there.

It was the scariest day of my life.

What’s wrong with Queensland Raceway?

Well, to be brutally frank, the track’s designers did a poor job from the start. They had a blank sheet of paper to begin with and a pocket full of cash and came up with nothing other than a paper clip.

It is so uninspiring. In my opinion it’s the most mind numbing circuit we drive on and it is seriously as painful as pulling teeth to race there.

Tracks like Phillip Island and Oran Park, irrespective of the day you’re having, are still enjoyable circuits to drive on.

Queensland Raceway is a circuit you just cannot enjoy on any level – and nowadays that’s made worse by the track deteriorating, with lots of bumps now in it.

I have to take my hat off to the local V8 teams for having the patience to test there as I wouldn’t.

But, though I may not like the place, we will be visiting QR for the next round of the championship and we have to be on the ball and try to improve on our eighth place finish in Darwin.


Photo caption: Jason Richards during his huge crash at Queensland Raceway in 2005.

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