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Hartley unveils NZV8 race funding plan


Palmerston North racer Nelson Hartley (20) has come up with a novel new way of funding his attempt at the coming NZV8 Development Series title - paint your car as a chequered flag and sell 100 lucrative positions.

Hartley, under the name Team Fortitude Motorsport, has unveiled the ‘Club 100’ to fund his race chequered V8 Tourer, mixing innovative business and engineering nous to campaign for success and challenge for the national title.

His plan is to sell each of the select 100 ‘chequer’ locations to allow people to join the team as equal partners.

“Having a competitive budget is part of winning a championship – and looking at the bigger picture I had to look at better ways of getting there. Not only is it exclusive (being only 100 spots) but is different and hopefully appealing – the car will really stand out on the track.”

With a long history of competitive race driving, the 20-year old has taken a formative step at being a commercial operator by having a team and race car package that he owns.

“Ron Dennis (CEO and shareholder of McLaren F1) started out as a car cleaner – now look at him. It is people like that and Kiwi Dave McMillan that impress and motivate me,” Hartley said.

Growing up around cars and engineering, Nelson has a clinical appreciation of how to chase for performance from both the car and driver.

Having contested a variety of race formula’s, this is Hartley’s first attempted season in a touring car after a successful NZV8 test in 2004: “I did around 20 laps in Dave Stewarts championship winning car and set a time on old tyres that would have put me on pole position.”

He also holds the honour of being the youngest race winner in the Australian F4000 series and has won the Bruce McLaren Scholarship and Denny Hulme Trophy.

Costing $895.00 (inc GST), Club 100 members get their logo/signage displayed inside one of the race ‘chequers’, along with merchandise, a team photo and hot-laps ride.

The televised NZV8 Development Series starts in late October 2006 – the sixth round concluding at the end of March 2007.

Click to download the Club 100 brochure or contact Nelson Hartley (021) 545 662

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