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Harris Rallysport crashes out


Harris Rallysport's Daniel and Darryn had an accident on the opening day at the International Rally of Whangarei last weekend, but are today reporting they are well with just slight aches and bruises

Daniel and co-driver Darryn left the road in 5th gear at around 140kmh over a fence rolling end for end into a paddock. With the car finishing on its side, the other door jammed due to damage and no electrics, this left them trapped in the car which wasnt that stable and had potential to roll down the hill.

They had to smash their way out through the windscreen to be free, and were then assisted by spectators who ran from further down road a little.

Daniel and Darryn were later taken to the hospital for checks, with Daniel recieving X-rays on his neck, which thankfully came back with no serious injuries.

The team will release information later in the week with their plans. In reality the cost to repair is massive and the team will focus on repairs as fixing the car is a priority.

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