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Greg Murphy gives Hamilton changes the thumbs up


Greg Murphy has applauded Hamilton 400 management for the upgrades made to the track ahead of this weekend’s V8 Supercar round

Greg says Steve Vuleta and his team staged a world class event last year.

“It’s a massive undertaking building a street racing circuit, I am proud of the event and of what they achieved.

“They’ve not held back in making changes to improve the event for the drivers and the fans.

Greg says Steve doing a hot lap last year might have something to do with the changes.

“They’ve removed the bump on turn three, the walls have been moved on turns four, six and eight and the High Street and the King Street Chicanes have been adjusted. This has created a very fast flowing circuit that will look after the cars better.”

The biggest change to the weekend is the addition of a separate qualifier to determine the grid of the Sunday race.

“It was ridiculous to have one qualifying session determine the starting position for both races,” Murphy said.

“If each race has its own podium then each race needed its own qualifying session, or you start the second race from where you finished the first race. Fortunately sanity prevailed and we have a Sunday qualifier.

“It’ll be the most action packed session of the weekend. Thirty cars on track at the same time for 20 minutes is going to be big. You’ll have to bring your A game that’s for sure. You’re not going to get many laps done in twenty minutes; time is against you.

There is no bigger round than the Hamilton 400 for Greg Murphy.

“Sometimes it feels like I still live in New Zealand, I spend so much time over here, but it’s always special when I get the opportunity to race in front of a home crowd,” Murphy said.

“Although I’m based in Australia it means a lot to me to promote New Zealand Motorsport and the Hamilton 400."

Murphy believes he’ll be competitive this weekend and says he is desperate to have a good run at the Hamilton V8s.

“Last year we didn’t go so well so I’m hoping to do a lot better this weekend.

“In ’08 we had the pace out of the truck, but the Chicane did its damage to the car and ruined what could have been a good result for us.

“We’ve developed the cars a lot since even the start of the season so we think we’ll be up there.”

The V8 Supercars hit the track on Friday at 12.25pm.



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