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Gaunt makes solid Supercar showing


NZ open-wheeler and Porsche racing ace in strong Aussie V8 debut on streets of Adelaide.

Double Toyota Racing Series champion, Daniel Gaunt, made a strong Australian V8 Supercar debut in Adelaide last weekend, placing eighth and fourth in the Fujitsu V8 development series races.

Fellow Kiwi Colin Corkery finished ninth in race two.

Driving The Mad Butcher Ford BF Falcon, Gaunt drove from 13th to finish eighth in race one. “It was just a case of survival and move up the grid a bit more,” he said.

In race two, he took fourth with a daring move on the last turn of the last lap. “We were going for gold, full attack.

“The front few cars had a good start so I chipped away. The car didn’t go away (lose grip) as much as the others so I was able to pick off three other guys for the result."

Team boss, former NZ TraNZam and Formula Ford star, Andy McElrea, was pleased with Gaunt’s showing in the Stone Brothers Racing-backed car.

“He was the only guy in the top 10 who was genuinely passing cars. He was very very professional.

“When you consider the top 10 guys in the category have all done the series before and all been to Clipsal (the Adelaide street race meeting), we weren’t totally disappointed with where we qualified.

“(Going) into race one (Gaunt) still hadn’t done 20 laps of the place. About five laps before the end of the first race, the sector times showed he clicked with the car and track. His race pace gave us the confidence that he had nutted everything out.”

Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series results.

Race One. 1. James Moffat, Ford Falcon BF, 41m 13.0933s.
2. David Russell, Ford Falcon BA, 41m 14.8113s.
3. Damian Assaillit, Ford Falcon BA, 41m 31.1503s.
4. Sam Walter, Holden Commodore VZ.
5. Jonathon Webb, Ford Falcon BF.
6. Drew Russell. Ford Falcon.
7. Shane Price, Holden Commodore VZ.
8. Daniel Gaunt, Ford Falcon BF.
9. Taz Douglas, Holden Commodore VZ.
10. Geoff Emery, Holden Commodore VZ.

Race two.  1. David Russell, Ford Falcon BA, 32m 32.5066s.
2. Jonathon Webb, Ford Falcon BF, 32m 34.1781s.
3. James Moffat, Ford Falcon BF, 32m 48.7158s.
4. Daniel Gaunt, Ford Falcon BF.
5. Shane Price, Holden Commodore VZ.
6. Taz Douglas, Holden Commodore VZ.
7. Grant Denyer, Ford Falcon BF.
8. Brad Lowe, Ford Falcon BF.
9. Colin Corkery, Holden Commodore VZ.
10. Ben Eggleston, Holden Commodore VZ.

Championship points: David Russell, 288; James Moffat, 279; Jonathon Webb, 258; Daniel Gaunt, 216; Shane Price, 213; Sam Walter, 201; Taz Douglas, 186; Grant Denyer, 168; Geoff Emery, 147; Ben Eggleston, 144.

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