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Fight over Brock's will


A fiery family feud has ignited between Peter Brock's family and associates over his estate just two months after the death of the iconic motor racing champion.

Brock's long-time partner, Bev, said that she and her children, sons James and Robert and daughter Alexandra, are at "breaking point" following news that several of Brock's associates have moved to contest his will.

"It's just been on continual thing (since Peter's death)...everybody has a limit and I'll be honest, we're pretty much there," Ms Brock told Channel Nine news recently.

The Melbourne Herald Sun reported that Brock's former accountant at the executors of his estate - one of whom is believed to be Dr Eric Dowker, Brock's spiritual mentor who guided him into the Polarizer scandal - have lodged separate caveats on his will, which was drawn up late last year after he split with Ms Brock.

Ms Brock and her family will be forced to leave their multi-million dollar family estate in January after it was sold in May. It is claimed that Brock reneged on his promise to keep the home with his family even after they separated, and that they may not have enough financial support to find a new home.

Alexandra Brock said that she has attempted to console the fighting factions and that the issues could be easily resolved, but the stand-off has escalated because some of the elements in her father's will are not legally viable.

"Everyone involved are friends, no one is doing anything out of malice. I can't see any logical reason why it has to end up as it has," she said.

Alexandra has also allegedly been refused a place on the board of the Peter Brock Foundation, which is chaired by her uncle Lewis and includes her father's most recent lover, Julie Bamford.

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