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Daybreaker Rally counts down to start


As the acceptance of entry information is being sent out to competitors, the excitement is building for the last rally of the 2011 season

The variety of cars and competitors entered sees a vibrant field of gravel bashers lining up to take on the Daybreaker challenge that is set for Saturday 29th October. With points on the line for the Geartech Central Region Rally Series competitors, as well as the shear pride and the joy of competition, everyone will be out to achieve their own personal best.

“We have 40 entries confirmed as far, and we’re receiving more in each day”, says Bruce Sollitt from the organising committee.

Certainly the modified gravel spitting monsters of Alex Kelsey, Shannon Chambers, and Andrew Spier at one end provide a contrast to the club competitors stepping up to compete in their first rally event at the other.

“This provides exactly the sort of event we want to achieve. A regional rally that provides tough competition and an affordable introduction to the sport”, says Sollitt. “Essentially we want this to be as accessible as possible to everyone”, he adds.

The planning of the event certainly reflects this, with the combination of central servicing, a true one day event, and affordable entry fees, making for an event that is achievable for all competitors, what ever their level of experience and budget.

A further extension of this user friendly attitude is the organisers decision to accept late entries up until the day of the rally. “We know there are many reasons why entries get left to the last minute, so we want to give competitors as much opportunity as we can”, says Clerk of the Course Dave Davies.

For spectators wanting to get out to watch, maps and the event schedules are available for download from the web site  There are a number of junctions and locations that offer good viewing in safe places.

The first car starts Stage 1 on Sandon Block Road (close to Vinegar Hill) at 10:45am, and then starts the last stage on Ridge Road (close to Apiti) at 4:40pm, before finishing back in Feilding at 5:35pm.


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