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Cooper says NZ V8s in good heart


Cooper says NZ V8s in good heart

The Motorsport Company’s Kerry Cooper expects a field of 28 to 30 cars for the opening round of the BNT NZV8 Championship at Taupo on October 4/5.

A hot topic of conversation at last weekend’s Speedshow in Auckland, had it that the level 2 or Development Series cars would join the main game field this season to help boost competitor numbers. Cooper is adamant that the level 1 series is in a healthy state despite the tightening of the economy.

He said that the Development Series cars would run off the back of the field at Taupo in their own class, because there were insufficient Development Series entries to warrant separate races.

The BNT Championship will receive added prestige this season with the entry of New Zealand and Australian Porsche GT3 champion Craig Baird, who will drive the Falcon raced last season by Mark Pedersen.

Baird was not previously able to race in the NZV8 Championship because of his commitments to International Motorsport, but with his switch last season to Triple X, who are not currently racing in NZ V8s, he’ll free to take up the offer.

Although it had yet to be confirmed earlier this week, it is believed that Australian David Besnard will also return to race in the NZ V8s championship. 

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