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Baird – one race at a time is the key


Baird – one race at a time is the key

Craig Baird starts his New Zealand Porsche GT3 championship defence at Pukekohe this weekend, but says he doesn’t think about titles, preferring to approach his season a race at a time and build a successful campaign that way.

It’s a formula that has worked wonders for Baird over the years, bringing him more than 20 individual series victories.

This season, Baird (38) will race a Type 997 GT3 for the multi-car Triple X outfit owned by Shane McKillen. The squad’s remaining 997s will be driven by Australian David Reynolds, former TRS star Daniel Gaunt, Courtney Letica and McKillen.

“I never even think about each individual title,” says Baird who has won a string of championships in cars as diverse as Formula Atlantics and Touring Cars.  “I probably break it down more in to individual races, more so than championships because you have to piece the races together to get the championships. 

“So it’s cart and horse stuff really.  If you talk about championships before individual races you’ve probably got it round the wrong way.”

When he goes to Pukekohe this weekend, he’ll be taking a methodical approach. “I’ll think of race one, after that I’ll think of race two and then race three.  You’ve got to piece all of those races together, all of the rounds together and then the championships come.  That’s always been my key and it’s worked pretty well in the past.

“If you win championships you not only have to win races but you have to finish a lot as well.  So that’s where having a support crew like I have with Triple X – is probably about as important as any individual factor in the whole thing.”


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