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Baird and Fogg clash in V8 thriller


A last lap clash saw Angus Fogg take the lead off Craig Baird in the NZ V8s first heat at Pukekohe this afternoon. Stewards will decide the race's outcome after a hearing at the track.

Angus Fogg rated it as one of the best NZ V8s races he’s ever been in as he and Craig Baird battled for the lead at Pukekohe this afternoon.

But it all ended in controversy when Fogg’s LG Ford Falcon tapped Baird’s United Video Ford as they headed up the hill for the final time.

That pitched Baird’s car sideways, though he held on to it; but Fogg was through and took the chequered flag and the on-the-road win.

Baird, in a thunderous mood, finished second, with Andy Booth third in the Big Ben Pies Holden Commodore.

The final result won’t be issued until an officials’ hearing into the incident.

Then came championship contender Kayne Scott (Fujitsu Falcon), and Tim Edgell (Chesters Ford) who held off reigning champion and series leader, John McIntyre (BP Ultimate Falcon).

The finishing order has allowed Scott to marginally close the points gap to McIntyre, but the champ says he’s reasonably comfortable with that.

If Scott finishes no further ahead of him in the remaining two races, McIntyre says he’ll still have enough of a points buffer to retain the title.

It was a race of two-thirds and a third, with officials red-flagging it after a multi-car incident left Simon Richards (Falcon) in the wall at Castrol Corner and Inky Tulloch’s Ford stranded in the ploughed earth on the outside of the Jennian Homes Sweeper after being hit by Michael Bristow as he charged through on the inside.

The Tulloch/Bristow incident is also the subject of an official hearing, though Bristow says he hit Tulloch’s car because his brake pedal went to the floor and he couldn’t brake.

When the red flag was thrown, Fogg was leading from Baird, Booth, Scott, Edgell, McIntyre, Dean Perkins (GT Radials Falcon) and Andrew Anderson (ITM/Pinepac Commodore).

Fogg led away from the restart, but on the second lap locked up his rear brakes with a too-deep-too-late braking move at the hairpin.

Baird pounced and was through, and Fogg hammered away at the United Video car for the next two laps; and then they touched.

“Bairdo got out of the gas and I shunted him up the arse,” said Fogg. “He did very well to hold on to (the car) and away we went. We’ll see what happens (at an official hearing into the incident).”

A still visibly angry Baird said: “I lifted (off the throttle) for sure. I’ve never gone over (the top of the Pukekohe hill) flat-out.

“I lift, as Foggy does at the hairpin, but I didn’t drive into him.”

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