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News Round-up, July 6, 10am.


Don't waste that Volkswagen

Don’t waste that Volkswagen

July 6, 2007, 10am. Volkswagen Group has become the first car maker to produce vehicles that are recyclable to at least 85 percent and reusable to a minimum of 95 percent by mass.

Pictured are Volkswagen and German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) executives showing certificates confirming the company’s waste-saving status.

Groups join to fight emissions proposal

July 6, 2007, 10am. The Imported Motor Vehicle Dealers’ Association and Motor Trade Association and are co-operating to find a “workable solution” to the complex issues surrounding the Government’s Draft Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Rule.

They’ll take a joint approach in formal submissions, lobbying and communications.

Following a series of nationwide workshops for members, an MTA spokesman said: “we support the need to reduce the level of harmful emissions…and to ensure the national fleet is modernised to provide safer and more efficient vehicles.

“However, we feel that the Draft Rule as proposed is unlikely to achieve any of those aims. In fact, MTA believes the reverse is likely to occur.”






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